OmegaRoc climbing app V2

The OmegaRoc app is a webapp, which means it is on the internet and not on Google play store or the App store.
For information on how to install it, look at the user guide (tutorial video), but first, let us take you on…

…a little tour of a few screens


The OmegaRoc app, a winning hand in all situations!

Comprehensive, simple and user-friendly, the OmegaRoc app guides you efficiently from your doorstep right up to the summit belay.

the different possibilities of the omegaroc climbing app

Using the Map mode, you can easily find nearby sites


The precise positions given for the sites allow you to locate those close to you. In one click you can access basic, essential information in order to narrow down your choice. Different colours are used to differentiate between crags and multi-pitch routes.

It is also possible to search by name or by region.


To refine your search, filters are essential.

The multi-criterion filter lets you narrow down your choice to pinpoint the crags or multi-pitch routes that may interest you.

All information about the sector at a glance.


After a detailed description of the site, for each sector you will find all the essential information. You can then decide if this site is the right one for your next climbing destination.


Before you put your climbing shoes on, first you have to find the site.

Let yourself be guided to the car park.

Thanks to the GPS guide system you will have no problems getting to the right car park, and the day of adventure can begin. A clear diagram and if necessary a written description will take you to the foot of the routes.

When you arrive at the rockface, all you have to do is make your choice.


The routes are drawn onto HD photos that can be displayed full-screen. Mistakes are out of the question. Scroll through the route names at the bottom of the page and use them to access the tick list.


The OmegaRoc app is also perfectly adapted to multi-pitch routes

On the same screen, zoom into the HD photo and scroll down the description as needed.

In a single click you can also switch to full screen mode, either for the photo or the text.

On-sight, flash, sent, working on it, add your accomplishments to your tick list.


You can note how you would rate the climb and any remarks that come to mind.

The tick list is an infallible record of your progress.