Our financial partners

We are grateful to the following institutions which financially supported our project:

Agenza di Sviluppu Ecunumicu di a Corsica
Economic development agency of Corsica

In 2020 and 2021 we received an important grant from the Economic Development Agency of Corsica to support the development of the climbing app OmegaRoc and for the English translation of our guidebooks Bavella – Corsica (2020) and Grandes voies de Corse (2021).


The state :

As a part of the 2021 recovery plan, we received a financial support from the government to support the development of this website.

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Our sponsors

The Grivel climbing team

visited the Corsican crags in May 2022 and add new episodes in the serie BEYOND THE ROCK

Our sponsors run sport shops, accommodations, outdoor agency and have supported us from the beginning. Most of them are also friends of us. You will find their advertisement in our guidebooks.

Specialist mountain shops:

Alti Monti in Ajaccio

Tel: + 33 4 95 10 04 37

Altipiani Sport in Corte

Tel: +33 9 60 37 08 42

Millet Expert Shop in Bastia

Tel: +33 4 95 31 76 48


L’Auberge du col de Bavella. Lodge, bar and restaurant… in Bavella of course.

Tél: +33 4 95 72 09 87

L’Hôtel du tourisme. Hôtel *** in Zonza.

Tél: +33 4 95 78 67 72

Le Camping de TuaniCampsite in the Restonica valley near Corte.

Tél: +33 4 95 46 11 65

Hôtel Le Chalet. Hotel-restaurant and lodge in Ascu Stagnu (Asco).

Tél: +33 4 95 47 81 08

Camping d’Olzo. 3-star campsite with swimming pool, located in the Gulf of Saint Florent

Tél: +33 495 37 03 34

Camping u Ponte Grossu. Campsite located by the river and at the entrance of the Bavella massif

Tél: +33 6 64 79 80 46

Outdoor agencies:

Thierry Souchard is a climbing instructor.
Discover the best multi-pitch routes in Corsica.
Tél: + 33 6 86 08 97 35

A Tyroliana. Adventure park in the Cavu valley near Porto Vecchio city.

Tél: + 33 4 95 10 04 37

Canyon Corse  is an outdoor company specializing in canyoning in Corsica.

Tél: +33 9 60 37 08 42

They work with us:

Since 2017 Hilary Dyer has been translating our guidebooks, OmegaRoc app and website into English. She is now manager of the translation agency SETS. Hilary is also a mountain enthusiast: starting out as a trail runner she later took up climbing, mountaineering, backcountry skiing and walking after moving to the French Alps… You can find her (trying to hide) in some photos in the Bavella – Corsica. Escalades choisies guidebook.

N.B.: We have done some translations ourselves (these sections are easy to spot, they are clearly written in good old Franglais).

SETS Translation Services

Tél: +33 4 76 22 04 00


Since the beginning in 2005 (Falaises de Corse, 1st edition), all our books have been printed in France. Since 2017, printing has been carried out by the printing company SEPEC. We want especially to thank Alexandre Dahan (sales manager), who is always available and provides good advice.

 Imprimerie SEPEC

Tél: +33 1 45 35 92 39

The OmegaRoc app is developed by freelance developers Arnaud Schaeffer and Thomas Stocker.
The second version is now finished and they are already thinking about an even more complete and efficient third version.

Arnaud Schaeffer
Thomas Stocker

We take most of the pictures you will find in our guidebooks ourselves, but many others are kindly given to us by both amateur or professional photographers. A huge thank you for their volunteer help.

Professional photographers:

Samuel Bié, Bertrand Delapierre, Raphaël Fourau, Ulysse Lefebvre, Jan Novak, Stéphane Pennequin, Pascal Tournaire, Thomas Vialletet