OmegaRoc – Ethical climbing guidebooks

For the OmegaRoc app, we have chosen to host only guidebooks that are truly engaged in the development and/or maintenance of the climbing sites featured on the app.

This can be seen in several ways:

– Physical presence of the authors at the sites, whether for bolting or re-bolting, general maintenance (maintenance of the access routes for example) or management of the relationship with local actors (in particular owners of the land on which the sites are located)
– Redistribution of part of the profits from the sale of the guidebooks.
– Or more often, a “mix” of the two types listed above.

We are in close contact with each of the published authors on the OmegaRoc app, and we know they are very involved on the sites. We also want you to know about all the positive work that the profits from guidebooks purchased on OmegaRoc have contributed to.

Below, you will find a link to either the website of the associations involved, or to a page listing their work.


Corse (author: OmegaRoc) : Guidebooks Falaises de Corse, Grandes voies de Corse, Bavella Corsica. The corsican bolting fund.

Grenoble (author:ECI) : Guidebooks Escalade autour de Grenoble, La Petite Corse. ECI, statuts et règlements.

Presles (author: VTNO): Guidebook Presles – easy multi-pitch routes. VTNO’s work 2022.